Glass Backwards is a passion project that was inspired not only by my affinity for booze, but also for the individuals that put their blood, sweat and tears into making inspiring, often complex and intoxicating concoctions.

Instead of just watching the build, I wanted to give the process a “bottom’s up” approach, and present it in reverse. Hoping to give new beauty to the ingredients, hands, (and faces revealed at the end) behind each finished glass.

All of the individuals that have participated have donated their time and talent, and for that I am more than grateful. I encourage sharing and want this to be a new vehicle to promote this amazing craft.

As this is a one man gig (I do everything – shooting, editing, titling web etc) and there are no brand dollars behind the project, it sometimes take a little longer than I’d like.  But I do plan on introducing at least one new video per month, so check back or follow GB on twitter for updates, news and, more.

Cheers and thanks for stopping!

Jude Goergen