Monkfish Liver Torchon

OK – let me start by saying this site is NOT turning into a food blog.  I swear.  I just happen to have some amazing friends doing amazing things with food – and I figured “why not?”.  Plus for this next video – it’s a little bigger than that.


Some of you may remember the very first Glass Backwards video?  Well it was done at Scofflaw in Chicago – place that is near and dear to my heart (for many reasons).  Aside from the fact that they supported the concept out of the gate, they’re also the dudes I spend my nights and weekends with – so I guess I’m a LITTLE biased.  Anyway, these guys (and gal) are just killing it in Chicago and are about to launch at least 2 new spots in the near future.  One of which is featured here.

I will say I’m even more biased because I worked on the branding and the Chef is from Cleveland.  So there are a lot of things to push here.


Anyway, enjoy – cocktail vids will be back soon! I’m sitting on at least three (sorry guys).


Soundtrack: Ping Island / Lightening Strike Rescue Op  by Mark Mothersbaugh

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