Where Burgers, Shakes and Ohio Beers Come From

For as long as I have been doing this project, I’ve been approached by various groups / individuals who have wanted to take the concept and apply it to executions other than cocktails.  My friends over at The Rail and Hoofcase were the first folks to actually pull the trigger and collectively we couldn’t be more thrilled.  We even had some custom music made (which we all agree is extremely catchy).


A true collaboration, this “plate to pasture” concept has been in the works for over 9 months and has gone through its fair share of obstacles and complications – but it’s finally done – at least the broadcast versions.  There are “extended” versions for the web that will most likely surface this fall that take a more detailed and literal exploration into the process – but for now – these condensed versions should work just fine!


We decided back in December of 2013 that we wanted to take the GB concept and apply it to 3 of The Rail’s most notable items:  (obviously) their burgers, their shakes and the Ohio beers they feature. The entire point of the piece was to show that the ingredients were fresh and locally sourced. Concisdering we’re talking about Ohio, we had to wait until the weather was “acceptable” for shooting.  So in mid-May I made my way down to Wooster for an action-packed week of shooting the restaurant, its food, cattle farms, dairy farms, meat processing facilities, dairy and ice cream facilities and of course a local Brewery.  Needles to say I have a TON of footage (again this will be released later).


Anyway, glad to finally have it up (even though stupid Domino’s aired theirs first) – and I’m sure my Ohio friends will be getting the munchies during their favorite programs.