Sesame Smash (home edition)

Bedroom DJs, amateur chefs, photo noobs…all people with extreme enthusiasm and exceptional creativity – they are not bound by discerning customers, crummy reviews, paying clients or not using your hands.  The only restriction is their creativity.  This also holds true for the Home Bartender (looking for a better name).  I was fortunate enough to link up with one such fellow (and buddy) this fall on a trip to NYC.  Upon my arrival he had a ridiculous menu of cocktails for our sampling and I was blown away (and chewed up) by the night’s end.

Of course I have mad respect for the folks who do this for a living, but it’s pretty refreshing when “behind the stick” means a 2×2 slat of wood in the living room.

Soundtrack: Soul Raga by Mehrpouya
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