The Bangkok Daiquiri

As much as I love this project (meeting great people and day drinking – what’s not to love?) – sometimes I’m looking for opportunities to “switch it up” a bit.  For example, the “On The Border” video from a couple months ago was a LOT of fun.  In that video we didn’t do anything crazy by way of technique per sé, but the fact that Robby is super photogenic and just WANTED to get weird – well that made all the difference.

Fortunately this month’s cocktail incorporates a technique / ingredient that I’ve never had the opportunity to work with (liquid N2O). Aside from just being a unique component, it really opened up the video to some cool visuals, new angels and all that jazz.  I felt pretty honored to be contacted by this group as they saw the correlation and visual opportunities between the project and their unique methods.  Aside from the visual experience, the cocktail itself was amazing.  I’ve been practicing making daiquiris at home – but I don’t think I’ll be able to do this anytime soon.

Thanks much to the team at Booker & Dax and of course my main man Sother for making it happen.

SOUNDTRACK: Royal Sprite – Yang Hai Mun Kong (Dont Let Them Cheat)  (no purchase link available).