Plant-Based French Toast

Wait what?  No, you didn’t misread the title. And no – this isn’t some super creative gastronomic cocktail feat.  It is in fact a plant-based (yes vegan) French Toast sandwich.  And – it’s pretty damn good.


Well, in addition to my desire of wanting to shoot more than just cocktails (folks have been inquiring about food since day one) I’ve actually been wanting to feature this young lady for at least year (our first shoot went sour due to my in ability to focus). Not only is she an old friend ( we met in college about 20 years ago – eek), but she’s been doing some pretty rad stuff in the plant-based “scene” throughout Chicago and beyond. Full disclosure – she kind of inspired me to do this project as well.  Over lunch one day in late 2012 she was telling me about this initiative of hers and I was just so fascinated buy her gumption – I realized I needed to get off my ass and do something as well.  A few months later Glass Backwards was born.

But I digress.

This recipe is one of twelve from her new e-book – “A Year of Breakfast” – which, is a delicious collection of plant-based breakfast recipes designed to replace or augment the ever-popular smoothie alternative.  Anyway her whole story / mission is pretty awesome and you can read it here:  It’s full of amazing stories, recipes and her ever-inspiring podcast.


Soundtrack: Mother Sky by Can

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